In these past few months, I’ve been learning all I can about Elixir and Erlang, and the experience so far has been extremely fulfilling.

I have also found out that I have been enjoying writing a lot. Therefore, I’ve decided to embark on something semi-ambitious – I’m going to write a book!

How does it look like?

Here’s the obligatory book cover:


What is it going to cover?

Here’s a brief (and unconfirmed/incomplete) outline of the book:

The main theme of the book will revolve around creating a web application in Elixir and OTP.

It will pretty much be a hands-on tutorial – it will take the reader from having zero knowledge of Elixir and OTP to building a fully-functioning, distributed, and very cool web-application (Read: Twitter clone).

Along the way, the reader would also pick up things like installing extensions, calling Erlang functions, web sockets, streaming etc.

I am leaning towards Dynamo as the web framework of choice for now.

So where do I sign up?

Glad you asked:

When will it be done?

Don’t know. I’m working on it almost everyday, and will push out some sample content soon. Early birds will get a nice discount. :). Here’s the link again!

And … thanks!

2013 was an absolutely great and productive year for me. Quite a few of you have written nice things on my blog and on Twitter – I thank you all.